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Many types of instruments

  • Forceps, instruments for holding tissue
  • Needle holders
  • Scissors
  • Retractors

Which instrument to use?

  • Choose shortest instrument that will comfortably reach operative site
  • If cutting suture or non-tissue material, avoid using fine scissors
  • If possible, choose instruments in good repair

When holding instruments:

  • Use three point control: have 3 points of contact between hand, instrument to increase precision
  • Extend index finger along instrument to provide extra control, stability
  • Place only fingertips through handle loops,
    • rotation comes from wrist
    • greater control
    • quicker to pick up, put down
When using scalpel for dissection,
  • use smaller knife
  • hold instrument like a pen: thumb and third finger holding            knife, with index finger controlling dissection
Most procedures are performed with a #3 handle and
  • #10 blade for large incisions
  • #11 for stab incision
  • #15 for fine precision work
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