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  • Surgical gloves prevent transmission of HIV and other infections through contact with blood, other body fluids
  • Easiest to have someone who is already gowned and gloved to assist
  • Promptly change a glove punctured during surgery, rinse hand with antiseptic or rescrub

GLOVING without assistance

  • Open sealed package of sterile gloves before scrubbing, gowning; place inner package on sterile surface
  • Once gowned, take cuff of left glove with right hand (1); make sure thumb in correct position
  • Slide glove onto left hand, wriggle fingers slightly to help
  • Only touch inside of glove, cuff with bare hands
  • Slide fingers of gloved left hand into cuff of right glove (2)


  • Pull glove onto right hand in similar fashion to placing left glove (3)
  • Ensure that cuffs cover ends of both gown sleeves (4)
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