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Basic Trauma, Anesthesia and Surgical Skills for Frontline Health Providers

Including management of injuries in women, children, elderly and humanitarian emergencies

Emergency & Essential Surgical Care
Clinical Procedures Unit
Department of Health Systems Policies & Workforce
World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland


  • Objectives:

This course is about managing trauma, from minor injury to humanitarian emergencies, including injuries in women, children and the elderly, with the principal goal of improving quality of care and patient safety.

  • Introduction of instructors and participants
  • Presentation of WHO Integrated Management for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care (IMEESC) toolkit


This is a compilation of all WHO documents relevant to Emergency and Trauma Care Training Course Resources []


Integrated Management for
Emergency and Essential
Surgical Care (IMEESC) toolkit


Surgical Care at the District Hospital


Pratique Chirurgicale de Base

Additional links to WHO Resources:

1. Guidelines for Essential Care
2. Hospital care for Children
3. Integrated Management of Adult illnesses, District Clinician Manual: Hospital Care for Adolescents and Adults
a) Quick Check and emergency treatments for adolescents and adults
4. Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment
5. Guidelince on Emergency Health Care
6. Integrated Management of Childhood illnesses
7. Integrated Management of Pregnancy and Childbirth
a) Managing Complication in Pregnancy and Childbirth: a guide for midwives and doctors
b) Pregnanc, Childbirth, Postpartum and Newborn Care: a guide for essential practice
8. Oxygen Therapy for Acute Respiratory Infections in Young Children in Developing Countres
9. Mass Casualty Management Systems
10. Prevention and Management of Wound infections
11. Safe Surgery
12. Patients Safety Pulse Oximentry Project
13. Tetanus Vaccination
14. Clinical Management of Survivors
15. Guidelines for Medico-legel Care for Victims Sexual Violence
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